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Vanadium Iron Electric Arc Furnace
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Smelting categories: noProduction: 1.5t~5tPower consumption: noDetailed description:The product description:Arc refining furnace is generally used in smelting vanadium iron, usually with the capacity of 1.5 t ~ 5t.The main mechanical equipment of the electric arc furnace include: furnace, furnace cover, furnace cover lifting device, conductive cross arm, electrode lifting device, furnace tilting mechanism and other auxiliary equipment, etc.1.Furnace: Furnace is made up by two parts- metal components and furnace lining build by refractory materials. Metal components include the furnace shell, furnace door, and steel tapping spout. Furnace shell is welded together by the steel plate of δ16 thickness, with its external reinforcement. Furnace door is used for observing the condition inside the furnace and the operation process of grilling slag, sampling and charging. The furnace door is closed and inside the furnace door is cooled by water. The steel tank is used for tapping, which is fixed on the furnace shell by bolts, with refractory materials built in it.The material requirements of arc furnace lining: (1) should have enough refractoriness and load softening point; (2) should have stronger resistance to slag; (3) should have good resistance to suddenly-changing of temperature; (4) should have sufficient strength; Small coefficient of thermal conductivity, and low conductivity.2.Furnace cover: furnace cover is water-cooling furnace cover with board type, welded with hanging slag nails inside. When it is normally used, it can hang slag and prolong the service life of furnace cover. Sealing ring of electrode is customized refractory material ring, installed on the furnace cover which has left the electrode hole before.3.Furnace cover hoisting mechanism: Installed on the back of the two bending beams, two piston cylinders with four lifting points of short chain furnace cover control its up and down. The biggest hoisting height of furnace cover is 300 mm.4.Conductive cross arm: The conductive cross arm is mainly composed by the cross arm body, chuck, ring support, oil cylinder and leverage. The cross arm body is water cooled around, with internal waterway and welded by copper - steel composite plate.  It reduces many complex insulation pieces on the original cross arm, and make its structure simplified. Reducing the weight and increasing the transmission power make the network have 10% less of loss. Conductive chuck adopts chromium bronze material. It is developed by our company and it is patent product of exclusively producing, which is the ideal material for electrode chuck. Releasing the electrode institutions is used tie rod type of pneumatic spring.5.Electrode lifting gear: Electrode lifting device is fixed column type, and it is composed by electric motor, reducer drum, block and tackle, and steel wire rope, also equipped with balance weight.Electrodes is using graphite electrode. The main requirements of the physical properties about the electrode:1)big volume strength; (2) small resistance coefficient; (3) big thermal conductivity coefficient ; (4) small thermal expansion coefficient; (5)small modulus of elasticity and enough mechanical strength.6.Furnace tilting mechanism: Furnace tilting mechanism is bottom-tilting type. Through two tilting furnace oil cylinders can make the furnace tilt 40 ~ 45°in the direction of the steel tank to ensure that the finished product liquid can be poured completely when tapping. Tilting 12 ~ 20°in the direction of the furnace door can be easy for the operation of grilling slag, measuring temperature and sampling. When tapping the steel, the end of the steel tank has a small distance in a horizontal direction and the speed of tank tilting can be adjusted.
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