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Silicon Manganese Furnace
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Smelting categories: silicon manganeseProduction: according to capacityPower consumption: according to capacityTechnical specifications of silicon manganese submerged - arc furnace:1.1 Brand and uses of silicon manganese alloy:Silicon manganese alloys consists of silicon, manganese, iron alloy, and a small amount of carbon and other elements, and is a kind of ferroalloy which has a widely use and larger output. The consumption accounts for the second in electric furnace ferroalloy products. Manganese and silicon of manganese silicon alloy has a strong affinity for and oxygen. Using manganese silicon alloy in steelmaking can produce deoxidizing products MnSiO3 and MnSiO4 and the melting point is 1270 ℃ and 1327 ℃ respectively. It has many advantages such as low melting point, large particles, easy to rise, and the deoxidization effect is good.1.2 Brief description of the process:Manganese, rich manganese slag and other raw material after sorting, qualified material is stored in the material field, and field also has coke, electrode paste and many other raw materials. Various materials is mixed according to the recipe requirements of smelting alloy, up to the fourth platform of the main building by oblique bridge car, is sent to the hopper by the circular distribution car, and finally, send into the furnace by feeding tube. Burden is send into semi-closed submerged - arc furnace. 35KV power import the current into the furnace by the transformer through three-phase electrode. Electrodes is to the furnace filled with burden through the heating arc between burdens. Through the arc heat and heat resistance, silica is reduced to silicon manganese alloy. In the whole process of smelting, the strength of the electrode voltage and current are set according to the smelting process parameters. Different periods has the different voltage and current value, also the power input in the furnace is different. Electrode is always stayed in the furnace burden firmly, and gas escape from the entire material surface evenly. Arc is not exposed and blending burden is added into furnace in small batch with the decline of burden surface. The burden surface in the furnace is expected to keep a certain height. Around the electrodes present cone shape. Silicon ferromanganese water after reduction is stored to a certain degree in the furnace, and then use arc burner or round steel to open the furnace, release the water and slag, remove the slag contained in the alloy, and then cast into ingots in the mold. Electric furnace supply power under the regulation of power supply system, and the average time of tapping a heat of molten iron is 2 hours and 8 hours can tap 4 heats of molten iron. Using water to quench slag and after the iron tapping, molten iron charter is send to the casting by hoist. About 20 minutes, the crown will lift up the molten iron, and then is cast to the ground in the mold. Alloy slightly pry up after cooling, and use crown to lift to box, and finally put in storage after cooling.
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